• The exploitation and woodworking activity began at Nehoiu in 1907, when the Austrian company Goetz built here the largest factory of this kind in Europe.

  • In 1972, a new plant was designed to produce furniture made of wood chipboard panels.

  • Between 1975-1981, the product range was diversified, two new sectors were set up, respectively upholstering and sculptured furniture. Also from this period around 40% of furniture is exported on Eastern markets.

  • In 1981 a new plant was commissioned, aiming to increase the volume of carved furniture and the enhance of solid wood in the construction of the furniture.

  • In 1992 refurbishment begins and a modern manufacturing line for baby cribs is assembled.

  • In 1996 an own system to ensure product quality was initiated.

  • Since 1998 a complex program to ensure working and environment conditions has been developed.

  • In 1999 the company was privatized and its name was changed to Nikmob.

  • With a new capital and new technology, Nikmob team managed to create a reputation among furniture manufacturing companies.